Upper West Side Community

An infill community in the central Hamilton mountain.

Situated along Twenty Road West, the “Upper West Side Community” will be an innovative mixed-use community in Hamilton. 

Once complete, the community will create a neighbourhood featuring a mixture of housing, schools, parks, commercial and employment opportunities. 

This means that, once complete, the community will create an entire neighbourhood, including homes, green spaces and parks, schools, restaurants, shopping and commercial businesses. 

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About the Project

The Upper West Side community has been extensively designed as shown in the following video. 


The community will feature diverse residential areas accomodating a mix of housing options for residents. It has also been designed to facilitate employment uses, located within the Airport Employment Growth District.

“The Upper West Side community is a convenient location for commuters to downtown Hamilton. It is also in a great area to raise a family. Somewhere that’s quiet and peaceful and will provide a great living condition.”

– Hamilton Resident

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Featured FAQ

What is the Upper West Side Community?

The Upper West Side Community will be located between Twenty Road West, Dickenson Road, Upper James Street and Glancaster Road. The community will offer Hamilton an innovative, and more importantly, affordable residential and housing community. To read more about this project visit the About the Project page.

How will the Upper West Side Community benefit the City of Hamilton?

With the City of Hamilton facing a housing affordability and supply challenge, it’s clear there aren’t enough homes, especially as people continue to move here from other parts of the Province. 

By offering a considerable amount of housing in the Upper West Side Community, we can improve the supply challenge both in the immediate vicinity as well as the downtown area as competition for purchasing and renting will be diminished. 

The community is also designed to act as a land-use buffer from the planned employment. 

The community could host a transit hub for residents and employees traveling to and from downtown.

What financial impacts will the Community have for the City of Hamilton?

As soon as the Community is approved from the City, the Community Development will drive significant revenue for Hamilton:

  • $55.7 million in on-going revenue annually, which will exceed the expenditure the City will incur in operational costs.
    • $33.5 million in property taxes
    • $17.7 million in water and wastewater revenues
    • $4.5 million in non-tax revenue
  • As such, the development will have a positive financial impact of $35 million annually, and,
  • $15.4 million in one-time revenue which will greatly assist the City in providing for growth-related infrastructure.

How will the community offer affordable and attainable housing options?

The Upper West Side Community is cognizant of the immediate need for housing for all Hamiltonians. As such, the community will seek to incorporate multiple housing forms and tenure types. The specific goals of the community will be to achieve housing that is affordable and attainable. While further details need to be confirmed, strategies of working with local housing agencies to secure affordable housing opportunities are being examined. As well, the community will look to designate portions of the lands as attainable whereby efforts will be developed to ensure that some units are priced with consideration of the benchmark CMHC affordability standard.

May 2022 Meeting Video

You can find the May 2o22 meeting video HERE

November 2020 meeting video

You can find the November 2020 meeting video HERE

What is the project's estimated timeline?

Landowners are looking to commence construction as soon as possible, potentially starting as early as 2026 but will be subject to additional processes including Dickenson Road, Twenty Road EA, Draft Plan of Subdivisions. It is anticipated that the construction will take approximately 6-8 years.

What are the impacts to Twenty Road West?

City has identified the improvement to Twenty Road West as a future capital project. An EA will be required which will determine width, bike lanes, alignment etc. EA to be completed for Twenty Road West which will assess pre- and post-development traffic patterns. No timeline is know when this EA will commence.

How will individual properties be affected?

Impacts to specific properties can be discussed with direct correspondence with the project team. Please use the contact information on the project website to connect.

Interested to hear what develop plans are in the works.

The next consultation meeting will feature presentations of the development forms envisioned for the community however the bulk of the lands are proposed to be built with medium density uses such as townhouses.

The secondary plans needs to ensure include adequate green space, the protection of trees, noise mitigation and establishing a character limit on the secondary plan.

The UWS project team is conducting extensive analysis on existing conditions to ensure future community does not negatively impact surrounding community. Work included detailed hydraulic and hydrologic studies, tree inventory and protection plans, parkland assessments as well as urban design studies to establish a vision, principles and character for the subject lands.

How long until the road network design approvals?

The Secondary Plan is seeking to create a complete community which includes a road network which accommodates a range of transportation modes. In keeping with the City’s AEGD Transportation Master Plan, new collector roads are proposed to the east and west of the future Garth Street extension. This work will be further assessed and a preferred solution will be determined through an EA with a target for completion by December 2023. Please note, the timing on Dickenson and Twenty Road West EA completion are unknown.

What will the development impacts be on stormwater management and water drainage on developments to the north of Twenty Road?

Urbantech is the UWS project team civil engineer consultant. They are responsible for assessing stormwater runoff in a manner which at minimum maintains existing quality and quantity conditions. Further details on the proposed stormwater management strategy will be provided at the upcoming open house.

How is traffic noise being addressed, particularly along Twenty Road?

A noise impact assessment is being completed which will assess noise levels to be generated from the future community and their potential impacts on the surrounding communities. The report will include mitigation strategies which will inform the policies to be proposed within the Secondary Plan. Noise mitigation for Twenty Road West will need to be examined through the future EA however it is important to note that the hydro corridor located on the immediate south side of Twenty Road West provides separation between TRW and the future community.

If you are truly concerned about the housing crisis, why propose a whole new community rather than infilling within the former urban boundary, where all the reports determined we have enough space for current and future needs? Aren’t you up to innovation?

Prior to being added to the urban boundary, two whitebelt parcels were entirely surrounding by urban boundary including existing residential to the north and existing employment (AEGD) to the south. The use of these lands for residential purposes provides opportunities for a range of new and varying residential housing forms including missing middle types as well as affordable and attainable options.

Will the land zoned as hazard land be left alone?

Through the completion of an Environmental Impact Study, the natural heritage system (including lands zoned hazard) has been assessed and is proposed to be enhanced to protect core areas as well include the addition of a new NHS channel connecting several PSW features and acting as a linkage.

Clarification on greenbelt lands.

These lands are not and have not ever been in the Greenbelt.

What type of affordable dwellings do you plan to build?

Further details on the affordable housing will be determined through future work. Opportunities for partnership with affordable housing providers will be explored and could result in the deliver of affordable housing through the provision of land, the construction of affordable dwellings or others. Forms may include townhouses and apartments including market-rate rentals.

How many units or how many expected people can be provided within Hamilton's existing boundaries?

The Secondary Plan will include the completion of a land needs assessment. This work will include recommendations on population and employment needs.

Please provide further details on the existing agricultural operations.

Current and historical agricultural output has been limited to cash crops including sod farming.

Where and when will the sewers connect for these developments? Through Dickenson or Twenty? When will sewers be added to Twenty Road West?

Sanitary sewers will be constructed and connected to the Upper James sewer and the Dickenson Trunk Sewer (currently under construction). Further details on the proposed servicing strategy will be provided at the next open house.

Any commercial development planned for new area close to the extension of Garth St?

Mixed uses are envisioned along the extension of Garth Street.

Is bus service envisioned to run near or through the new development?

Expansions of transit routes will be recommended to service the future community. A transportation study is being completed to assess current transit networks and provide recommendations for the area.

Which trails and bike paths will connect to existing/ proposed paths outside of your development?

Opportunities for connectivity of existing paths will be examined, it is envisioned that a path will be incorporated along the hydro corridor and along the future enhanced natural corridor which is proposed in the centre of the study area and traverses an east/west direction.

How will Twenty Mile Creek connect with the branches outside your community?

Where watercourses enter the subject lands, this drainage will be collected in the proposed realigned watercourse or in instances where the flows entering the lands are small in storm sewers.

Does this mean there will be housing mixed with retail and commercial properties? If there is, what type?

Mixed uses are being considered for areas especially along the Garth Street extension. Forms of these mixed uses may include apartments with ground floor retail or potentially live/work townhouses.

Will they build a similar community to Garth Trails or Twenty Place in this new location?

Opportunities for senior communities may be explored however the goal of the Secondary Plan is to facilitate the creation of a complete community which provides homes for a range of household types and sizes.

Is there any talk of putting an urgent care clinic in that community?

A public infrastructure assessment is being conducted which will examine medical needs for the existing and future community. This type of use may also be considered for areas which include commercial and service uses.

Who is going to pay for infrastructure, sewers, water, road and lighting?

Costs for certain components will be borne by the landowners and buildings. The landowners will also be looking to front-end finance the construction of certain components of major infrastructure.

Can you share the community plan?

Further details on the envisioned community are anticipated to be provided in future open houses. Comments and feedback on these strategies will be sought during these meetings.

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Upper West Side Landowners Group

The Upper West Side Landowners Group is made up of long-time Hamilton residents who understand first-hand the needs of growing the Hamilton community.

As Hamilton-based developers and builders, they have come together in the hopes of bringing a new innovative mixed-use community to Hamilton where people can live, learn, shop and play. 

The Upper West Side Landowners Group includes Spallacci Homes, Oxford Road Developments, Micor Developments, Parente Group Holdings, Twenty Road Developments Inc, Liv Communities, Starward Homes and Really Living.